Thursday, March 31, 2011

Living Room Decorating

There are 5 basic things that need to know in Living Room Decorating.

Living Room Design Themes
As a place for the entire family member, living Room Design Themes should be can please anyone taste and can be used as a multifunctional space. In a sense, this space may also function as a children’s playroom. If the condition is so, choose a theme that was light, playful, bright, and tend to modern style.
Selecting and arranging your Living Room Furniture
This step is important to realize that the family room as expected. Given the market there are many designs, so when choosing furniture should be adjusted with the planned theme. For example, if you want to create modern living room, then choose modern living room furniture that can create an atmosphere that regionalism, as modern design. ethical way you can put a table and a sofa in the middle of the living room. That way, owners can communicate with each other while in there.

Living Room Decoration and Accessory
Decorating the room and adding accessories can add a cozy atmosphere, warm and intimate impression.it make your living become more personal.
Problem walls, for example, the innocent may be “carved out”: be textured or coated with natural stone. If the wall will be processed, consider the proportion and location of the wall that will be processed it. Can also just put a painting or photograph of the family.
Room accessories can be as a complement that can support the beauty and atmosphere of space. Without accessories, the living will “empty”. However, to select and place, adjust the overall theme of space.
Do not be afraid to put accessories. In order not to disturb their existence, taking into account the dimensions and number of accessories.  The right proportions, making the room cooler.

Set the living room lighting to build an atmosphere
Another element that can beautify the space is light. Various atmosphere can be created with the right lighting. This has more to do with the atmosphere at night. In the daytime, the display impressed the flat because naturallight is divided evenly.
Set light to the room should not costly and complicated. If you want the light evenly, install downlights. We recommend that a dimmer can be adjusted so that the light-dark levels. Add points of light that shone on the object you want to blow up its beauty even more prominent.

Facilitating audio-video
Audio-video equipment is one of complementary facilities that can support a comfortable atmosphere in the family room. To place it, think of the early settlement of space. This concerns the existence of electric cable network and audio. Better video equipment, audio player is placed on one wall of the widened area. This is so the film can be enjoyed with no barriers. Source

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