Friday, April 15, 2011

Unique Interior Painting

If you're tired of staring at the same boring beige walls in your home, day after day, then chances are you could use a painting overhaul to spruce up your space. You can create a wide variety of unique wall treatments that will add color, depth and excitement to an otherwise boring room. Whether it is just with a few stencils, or with an intricate mural, you can use paint to seriously spice up your d├ęcor.

1. Choose a color that is bold and eye-catching. If you are looking to be unique, try choosing a color that you haven't seen used in many homes. You might want to just paint one accent wall so the color is not overbearing. Dark red can be an alluring, romantic color for a bedroom and bright teal can create an aquatic feel in a bathroom.

2.Use sponge and ragging techniques to apply a unique texture to your walls. This involves dipping the sponge or rag lightly in the paint and wiping/dabbing the walls with the paint to create texture. Paint the walls a darker color and use a lighter color as your accent. Dip the rag or sponge into the lighter paint and apply it to the wall adding a textured look.
3. Purchase some stencils to add crisp colored art to your boring walls. Stencils are gradually making a comeback, and it is common to see stencils of plants, trees, birds and other wildlife shapes as wall accents. Try painting a stencil on the wall above a piece of furniture such as an accent chair, or overtop of the headboard of your bed. Stamps can also be used to create these shapes.

4. Apply a faux effect to your wall to make it look as though the wall is made of suede, brick, plaster, or even cloud covering. You can attend seminars at your local paint supply store to learn how to do these techniques yourself.

5.Paint a mural. Murals can be an excellent focal point of a room if you are a talented artist, or if you know someone who is. Add a mural in a child's bedroom to give it a whimsical charm, or you can even have a mural as a focal art piece in your living room. Source

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